Our Story

Standing on an empty beach, dripping wet, boards tucked under our arms, soaking in the golden light bouncing off a sandstone cliff on warm Southern California evening. One of those perfect moments, at a perfect place, with absolutely nowhere else we’d rather be. Savoring that heady blend of exertion and exhilaration, Jeff Sweet smiles and says, “well, that was good.” The simplicity of that statement is everything. We are here working on sharing that “good” because the world needs a little more of it.  Get Involved is a reflection of the energy of a vibrant collective of doers whose lives are defined by how they spend their days.

On a bike climbing that steep and unrelenting single-track, on a gently swaying lift anticipating carving first tracks in fresh powder, or paddling out on a glassy morning to greet waves that are unexpectedly perfect. Those who heed the call know that in the water or on the side of a mountain nothing matters more than what your made of. The way we see it, this is really living. Consistently getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, hearing your breath and feeling your heart beat. Getting Involved is a call to action. There are others like us, out there right now, feeling what we’re feeling, living how we’re living. This is about all of us and how we choose to live. 

Get Involved Everyday*