Onshore Windbreaker

Onshore Windbreaker

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Ask any surfer and they’ll tell you they love offshore wind. And it’s no wonder—these are winds that blow off the land. Not only do they groom the waves to perfection, they carry with them all the fragrances we associate with our natural element, wafting the hair and warming the senses with subtle scents of Terra Firma. Onshore winds are a different animal entirely. Cold, clammy, sweeping in over a riled-up sea, these winds crumble the waves and the spirit, carrying with them a chilly message that says, “Not today”. Answer back with our Onshore Windbreaker. Just the thing to keep the onshores off your back, and the offshores on your mind, whatever direction the wind might be blowing.

lightweight windbreaker anorak jacket - water resistant - 82gm 100% polyester body fabric with a 1/2 front zipper - mesh lined 3 panel hood - front pockets.


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