"Today's Tuesday?" Tee

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100% Cotton - Men's Sizing 

Sam tells a story we love, about the time he attended a meeting in a Burbank glass tower, consulting on a surf-themed network TV show. Before the meeting got started, a junior exec in a blue suit and tie regarded him rather critically.
“How come he gets to show up for meeting on Tuesday morning wearing a tee-shirt and flip-flops?” he asked.  “Today’s Tuesday?” replied Sam.  Get the whole story here

Okay, the flip-flops were just practical. But the tee-shirt was something else. It always should be, because there’s no better way to declare your intentions than with the right tee. And we’re not talking about becoming a walking billboard, or telling the world you were one of the 50,000 who attended some concert. Instead, our 100% cotton “Today’s Tuesday?” Tee, with it’s roomy crew neck, tailored fit and subtle logo designs, says just enough about you while more than enough about the life you’ve chosen to lead. Seven days a week.


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